It seems Neymar Jr is to be purchased from Barcelona for a modest fee of €222 million, making him the worlds most expensive footballer and sportsman.

To put that figure into perspective, the entire Leicester City squad has an estimated value of around £179 million, with only 9 English teams estimated to surpass that value. This transfer shows the world just how much of a risk teams are willing to take in the pursuit of success.

So, is the money justified? Bottom line, no, I don’t think it is. The inflated value of footballers over recent years got to a point where unrealistic amounts of money are passed between clubs in the most expensive game of top trump this world has ever seen. Take a step back and look at what that amount of money can buy you. We’ve already established that you can buy a premier league winning squad for that price, and I’m sure my hometown team, Newcastle United, could be purchased for a similar money. I know we’re talking about a team that sits in a different league as far as money is involved, but when you can buy an entire team with all their assets for a smaller cost, serious questions need to be raised.

With that being said, PSG’s Qatar based owners probably consider that fee more than justified as a means to improve their brand with the worlds 3rd most famous footballer (Let’s not even mention the estimated values of Ronaldo and Messi). If they want to spend that much money on a player, then so be it. They’ll probably make a substantial amount of money back from shirt sales alone, and it’s hard to deny that Neymar brings something different to the team, something which can only be achieved by 3, maybe 4, footballers on the planet.

I’m not one to question the financial flair of one of the greatest teams on the planet. Between PSG, Manchester United, Manchester City, Barcelona and Real Madrid, you can see for yourself what football has become, the battleground for some of the world’s richest people and an insight into just how much money is generated by the beautiful game. That is until he flops, which is an entirely possible scenario.