With Donald Trump’s decision to ban transgender troops from the US military, we’re reminded again of just how difficult this push for equality can be.

I’ll begin by saying I have absolutely no problem with anyone serving in the military. Man, Woman, Gay, Straight, Transgender, I honestly couldn’t give a fuck as long as they carry out their duties, and as long as they don’t let personal issues interfere with the task at hand. With that in mind, I must say I disagree with Trump’s ban.

Then I look at the other side of the argument. What I do disagree with is state funded sex reassignment operations and anything that allows individuals preferential treatment because of personal preference. In the UK, the NHS has been known to fund plastic surgery operations in the interest of improving a person’s mental health, a service that has been greatly abused over the years. If someone no longer believes themselves to be male or vice versa, it’s entirely their responsibility to do what they believe is right and incur any costs that are associated with their decision.

Bottom line is, if someone is fit for service, they should be allowed to serve. It’s not important how individuals regard their gender, what is important is that individual’s ability to maintain discipline in difficult situations. We spend too much time looking at trivial matters that we’re blinded to the most important aspect of a person’s personality.

I have no doubt that Transgender troops are among the most dedicated in the US military but at the same time, there are probably some that simply shouldn’t serve, just as there will be thousands of straight men who also aren’t fit for service. Each debate should be taken on a case by case basis, so this outright ban is completely pointless. Trump seems to be painting everyone with the same brush, as long as a member of the transgender community can do everything the average troop can, there’s no reason to prevent them serving their country.