It was Prince Georges 4th Birthday on Saturday, and with his face plastered across the front page of the morning papers, I’m reminded again of just how little I care about the royal family.

Sometimes I think we’ll look back in a hundred years and think why the fuck did we give so much attention to a young boy who’s done nothing but hit the jackpot by being born into the world’s most famous family (besides the Kardashians that is). Truth is, the royal family has a lot in common with the Kardashians. Most of the family members are famous for the sole reason of having a prestigious surname, and both family’s lives are pried open by a mainstream media that prioritises superficial human activity over important world news. I’ll admit, the comparisons between the two end there, and surprisingly I find the royal family slightly more relatable and down to earth than those plastic, attention seeking Barbie dolls from across the pond.

To be honest, I have nothing against Prince George. I have nothing against him because why would I have a reason to hate a 4-year-old kid who has no control over his situation. Same goes for the rest of them. The Queen, Harry, William and even that trophy headed Prince Charles. They’re just people, after all, but isn’t that just the problem? We place the royal family on a pedestal, a pedestal established through almost a thousand years of repression from the top down, and a pedestal that has no place in today’s world, even when simply to maintain tradition. So, excuse me if the Monarchy is a tradition I don’t want to keep. I thought we were past the times of allowing a person a free pass in life for the sole purpose of having the right father, and this “Tradition” is a reminder of a sketchy British past where a single person has been given free rein to do whatever the fuck they like with no consideration for those below them.

I know they have no real power, and I know they bring loads of money to the British economy, but I want to add, I couldn’t care fucking less. We now live in a country where Nurses and Firefighters are denied fair pay while a 91-year-old woman sits in a billion-pound palace surrounded by luxury sporting a crown that could probably go for hundreds of millions if put up in the right auction. If that isn’t inequality at its finest, then I don’t know what is.

It’s not like any of this will be taken into consideration, it’s just nice to have a little bitch once in a while. Britain is a Great country, it truly is, but we seem to cling onto so many outdated traditions in the name of preservation that we begin to lose sight of how the world has changed. We look back at history and think, How the fuck was that allowed to happen. I Think we’ll look back in a hundred years and say – The Monarchy, how the fuck did people allow that shit to continue? Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. The monarchy is a load of bullshit established years ago when people had a lesser understanding of the world and, in my opinion, should have been scrapped a long time ago.