The BBC released its list of highest paid stars opening up a number of questions I.E. – Why are they getting so much? And why is there still such gender disparity?

I’ve never been one of those people outraged by the gigantic sums of money TV Stars, Movie Stars and Footballer’s get paid, for the main reason that the wealth they acquire is attributed to the wealth they generate. I honestly have no issue with individuals earning millions for starring in a movie, because if that movie did not exist, it’s not like the production money would be given to charity. Footballers earn millions because the football industry generates millions, so there’s only one logical way to spend that money.

I do agree, however, that the wage gap between those on the top of the BBC’s list and those working in the public sector, for example, is a massive downside of living in an entertainment fuelled society. But with that in mind, it’s illogical to blame those earning the money, as they are simply accommodating an entertainment business that stores vast sums of cash for one reason and one reason only, to pay their starts. I’d love to live in a world where Doctors, Firefighters and Nurses are the highest paid professions, but unfortunately, that’s far from a realistic vision.

An issue I do have with this whole pay revelation is knowing where that money comes from. I think the TV licence, in this day and age, is one of this country’s biggest scams. 50-60 years ago, yes, it makes sense to pay towards a Public broadcaster when there’s fuck all else on, but with a large network of channels and providers forcing you to pay for their own services, it makes no sense to be required by law to pay for the BBC, especially when half of what they spend their money on is complete horse shit. Hell, just stick some adverts on, I really don’t care when everyone else already does it.

It seems the main issue raised with the release of this list, is the large gap between Male and Female pay. I agree this is still a problem, though it needs to be understood that institutionalised sexism built up over hundreds of years is not an easy thing to reverse, and although there are still massive steps to be made, we need to appreciate that things are undoubtedly improving for Women. I don’t necessarily believe that Woman are paid less solely because of their gender, I think the issue lies with a lack of opportunity for Women to reach the positions that Men currently accommodate.

This is just one of them issues that will always get people riled up. It’s not my place to say if the anger’s justified, but people sometimes ignore that fact that if they were offered similar money for their own talent, it’s would be very difficult to say no. The world is powered by money, and until that changes, the world will continue to generate massive pay inequality.