Tony Blair has claimed he “Feels sorry” for Theresa may believing her Tory counterparts are waiting to “Throw her off the ledge”.

For once, I can say I wholeheartedly agree with Blair’s statements, I just wonder why in 2017 I still find myself looking at his mouse like face listening to his mouse like voice while he tries his best to stay relevant in a country that, for the most part, hates him.

A Sky article published today claims that Blair “must have the thickest skin in politics” for voicing his opinions amongst a barrage of unrepeatable abuse. Despite all his failings, his uncanny ability to soak up criticism with a general lack of feeling and humanity, is maybe the one thing Theresa May needs to take note of. I highlighted in my last post that every leader needs a thick skin to stay afloat, and the fact Blair is still relevant 10 years after his tenure as PM, is a clear sign that the thicker the skin, the harder the fall from grace. I can’t say I see the same thing happening with Theresa May.

Blair’s apparent Empathy at May’s political plight is hypocritical for the sole reason he would be the first to rally behind a labour ploy to overthrow Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. He’s voiced his opinions on the current Labour leader more times then I’d care to take note of, and it’s clear that he is far from a Corbyn supporter. It’s this blatant and vocal criticism of Corbyn that has exposed him to a tirade of online abuse from those “hard-core” lefties who preach peace and understanding yet are the first to call for people like Blair to be hung for their sketchy pasts.

I’ll likely be seeing more of Blair in the future, though I might have more reservations about listening to what he has to say. That might be wishful thinking. Truth is, I kinda enjoy listening to people like Theresa May and Tony Blair, mainly because it gives me plenty ammunition to supply a site named The Daily Rant. So, I’ll happily accept Tony Blair in the news as it adds a much-needed bit of spice to an already disgusting piece of cake.