Theresa May revealed she shed a “little Tear” upon the announcement of the election day Exit Poll.

She admitted this during a BBC Radio 5 Live interview (albeit after repeated questioning) and shed some light on the moment she realised it had all gone to shit. As much as I enjoy the image of Theresa May crying, I would have preferred to hear about her reacting with anger and would’ve definitely preferred to hear about her spiralling into a fit of rage cursing everyone and anyone that voted Labour.

Apparently, her husband had to break the news because she couldn’t bear to watch it herself. She also admitted that in the past she’s had her husband read out newspaper articles when she can’t bear to read them. The idea that the leader of this country is too insecure to read a newspaper article in case it hurts her feelings, for me, is a very worrying thing. How can we expect her to work well under pressure knowing just how much of an insecure person she is? Not saying that there’s anything wrong with insecurities, I’m just saying that people who sit in prominent positions of power should have a thick enough skin to accept the criticism they will undoubtedly receive.

The interview itself was an awkward affair, but now that I think about it, so are all her interviews. There’s something undeniably awkward and repulsive about Theresa May’s persona. Again, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, it just lets off a strange vibe; a vibe you don’t want to associate with the prime minister of this country.

Political leaders need to have some form of relatability, so the image of her shedding a tear might actually work in her favour as it proves once and for all she’s actually human. Regardless of political views, policies or any of that shit, it’s crucial that you have a leader you can put your faith in, and a leader you can generally trust to do the right thing. For example, Obama was by no means the greatest president in US history, but he had two important traits on his side, that being an underlining charisma and a generally likeable personality. Two traits that couldn’t be further away from Theresa May.

Believe it or not, I don’t think her shedding a tear is a big deal. It’s simply a funny and entertaining thing to write about in the midst of all the shit that’s going on in the UK. And let’s be honest, they only publish these stories to distract from more pressing issues, and also because people these days prefer reading about something trivial and entertaining than something important and boring. That, after all, is journalism in a nutshell.