North Korea tested its first ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) on Tuesday to coincide with American Independence Day.

On one side of the Pacific, patriotic Americans shoot explosive devices into the air while large crowds of people gather round to watch the colourful lights scatter across the night’s sky (all in the name of freedom and liberty). On the other side of the water, Kim Jong-un reminds us of his relentless desire to appear intimidating by shooting a gigantic rocket nearly 2000 miles in the air for the sole reason of claiming the far reaches of Alaska are now within striking distance.

North Korea is quickly establishing itself as the Bogeyman of world powers, with their infamous leader beginning to look more like a spoilt kid playing a computer game than the glorious leader of Mother Korea. I can’t say I blame him for pushing the boundaries, it’s hard to imagine what it would like to be in his tiny shoes, though I’d love to believe he spends his time like the parody version of himself found in 2014 hit film The interview. Maybe that’s why there was such a strong response to that film. Maybe everything was a little bit too accurate.

The USA and South Korea responded to the missile launch in the most dick swinging way possible, by launching their very own ballistic missile drill not long after. Mr Trump has also threatened a “very severe” response to what he called “very, very bad behaviour. I’ll tell you what I want to see, I want to see Kim and Donald sit down together over a nice cold beverage and try to find some common ground to put an end to this relentless “my dick is bigger than yours” contest. To be honest, I doubt either would go into that contest with high hopes anyway.

The whole North Korea situation is getting quite ridiculous. I don’t fully understand how diplomacy works, but I’m guessing the first step is to have some form of communication between the two countries to try and establish what everyone wants out the situation. I find it hard to believe anyone wants violent retaliation to these frequent North Korean missile tests but maybe that’s exactly what the North Koreans want. North Korea rests nicely on an unquestionable hatred for the United States, so any form of retaliation further fuels the burning hatred.

This is all speculation, but until someone sits down with Kim or his advisors, we continue this pointless speculation about what should, could, but most likely won’t be done to counter their aggression. It looks like North Korea will continue their activity until peaceful, or violent, action is taken.