On the 69th anniversary of the NHS, David Cameron has emerged from the woodwork to remind people exactly why he’s so hated.

The man who imposed 7 years of austerity on the British public, has claimed that those calling for an end to the public sector pay cap are “Selfish”. Before I go any further, I understand that quotes can sometimes be used out of context and certain media outlets have a knack for blowing thing out of proportion, however, it’s hard to find justification for such comments in the midst of all that’s going on in the UK.

The hypocrisy of a man on a much as £120000 per hour claiming that others are selfish is a hilarious as it is disgraceful. I have no problem with him earning that much as long as people are happy to pay it, but I do have a problem with him criticising a move that will make life better for public workers under ever-growing economic pressure.

Cameron’s always seemed out of touch with the real world. It’s safe to say he’s had it relatively easy from a young age and although his political accomplishments are impressive, it’s also safe to say he’s been given the perfect platform to achieve his goals. He does not understand the struggle of the average nurse or firefighter; all he sees are facts and figures that remove all aspect of relatability.

His main argument is that the extra expenditure will burden future generation with debt. Yet again, we go back to the Magic Money Tree that appears to those who deserve it. It seems that money is only available when personal gain is to be had, yet when it offers benefits to the general population, taxes suddenly need to be raised to cover the cost. Let’s not forget the numerous pay rises MP’s have received over the last 10 years. I never remember David Cameron proclaiming anything as selfish when he saw his own paycheck increased.

Cameron’s comments highlight 2 things. Firstly, it highlights just how much of an out-of-touch, privileged arsehole he is and secondly, it highlights just how much he and other Tory politicians value vital public services. Or maybe I’m wrong, maybe we all need to be a selfless as Cameron to make the world a better place.