Today’s Independence Day, a day that provokes the highest level of patriotism from our American Cousins.

It’s a shame I’m required spend my time in the miserable UK rain, while across the pond fireworks shoot off into the night amongst war cries of freedom and liberty. Regardless of your opinion on the US, it’s hard to knock their relentless desire to proclaim the United States as the greatest nation on the planet.

The UK equivalent, as far as fireworks are concerned, is a different occasion. On one hand, we have nation celebrating their separation from an oppressive regime and on the other, we have the celebration of a man’s failure to blow up the houses of parliament. To be honest, I wish we had our own Independence Day, just not one relating to last year’s Brexit referendum.

Americans have a certain knack for showing their patriotism in the most flamboyant and extravagant way possible. In the UK, you’d struggle to find anyone showcasing the Union Jack unless it was printed on the side of a bag or stitched onto the arm of a coat. The only time you see Brits waving the flag is on occasions relating to royalty or more likely, amongst crowds at an international football game.

Truth is, I’ve never felt an overwhelming desire to show appreciation for the UK. I’m glad I live here, I’m happy with what the country has to offer me in terms of public services and the NHS, yet I never felt a need to shout about it. My nationality is of little concern, for the main reason that I have no control over it. Nevertheless, it would be nice to have one day a year when the UK population can go a little bit over the top.