Boris Johnson is the latest senior cabinet minister to openly oppose the public sector pay cap.

The bumbling foreign Minister is far from what you would call a voice of reason, though I do appreciate him coming out and voicing his opinions on what is clearly an excessive slight on invaluable public services. Revisions to the pay-cap are inevitable, and this will only put more pressure on a Tory party who are quickly building a reputation as repeated U-Turners.

This appears to be yet another party policy which has hit massive criticism from the public, so much so that not even a week has passed since the decision to retain the pay cap and there’s already talk of it being abolished. This further highlights how out of touch the Tory party is from public opinion.

Former Chancellor Lord Lamont has said, “It is not right for Cabinet ministers to gang up on the Chancellor in this way.”. This quote sums up the attitudes of many Tory ministers who believe their own personal esteem and happiness, is worth more than making a positive change to working conditions of vital public services. All this quote does is reiterate the fact that Tory incentives sit a far cry away from making the country a better place for hard working members of the public.

Philip Hammond has urged Cabinet ministers to recognise that taxes will have to rise to fund higher public sector pay. So, yet something else that will need to be paid by the taxpayer instead of reaching up to the blossoming fruit of magic money tree that sits so gracefully in the garden of 10 Downing Street.

I don’t understand how people don’t recognise that this pay cap does substantially more bad than good. Today it’s been revealed that more nurses and midwives are leaving the profession than joining. This is a worrying statistic and a statistic which is bound to remain as long as the pay cap does. Public services are the beating heart of this country. Remove the heart, and the body ceases to function.