MP’s have voted to retain the public sector pay cap which limits pay rises to 1% per year.

When I say, MP’s have voted, what I actually mean is the Tory party and their £1 Billion mercenaries from the DUP, have voted to keep the pay cap. To be honest, I struggled to believe the cap would be lifted, even after government “hits” of it ending. We are fools to believe the Tory party would show a shred of compassion for the public services which have been under immense pressure in the recent past.

I can still hear Theresa May’s praises of the public services ringing in the back of my mind, so it’s the highest level of disrespect to then go out and say their services are not worth that extra pay. It’s like me praising one of my staff and declaring that he is saving the company, then flat out refusing to give them adequate pay for their services. If only we had a spare Billion to help ease the pain. If only we had that infamous “Magic Money Tree.” that appears to those who deserve it.

The cheers of the Tory party on the announcement the pay cap will remain, does more than throw salt in the wound. It’s a stark reminder that attitudes of Tory MP’s sit a far cry away from what I would call compassionate representatives of the UK population. How can any reasonable human being cheer such measures of austerity while sitting comfortably in the knowledge their pay has increased by almost £10000 in the last 7 years? What a bunch of cunts.

All this does is show exactly where Tory priorities lie. It’s not with helping the hard-working general public, it’s not with making the country a better place for us all, and it defiantly not with giving nurses and firefighters the pay they deserve. Their priorities lie with clinging onto power. Their priorities lie with saving their own backs while the country crumbles around them.