SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon announced plans for a second independence referendum will be delayed until after Brexit negotiations.

Sturgeon confirmed the Scottish government will delay legislation until at least autumn next year to allow time to focus on the best possible Brexit. With a “Soft Brexit” the favourable outcome, and remaining in the single market a “priority”, the distraction caused by a second referendum is likely to be avoided for as long as necessary.

After losing 21 seats in the recent election, the SNP find themselves in a significantly weaker position than back in 2014. Sturgeons back step on the planned referendum, is likely a result of her diminished influence following the disastrous election result that saw them lose almost half of their parliamentary seats. It’s in the party’s best interest to focus all their attentions on Brexit negotiations, and it’s clear that the resulting deal will be a massive factor in the decision to leave, or remain, in the UK.

Independence is always a hot topic in Scotland. Following the 2014 result, very little time appeared to pass before the idea was again thrown around the table. Had I been born in Scotland, I would suddenly feel a greater desire to split from the Uk, especially after the farce of the election and the ongoing farce that shows no sign of going away.

Back in 2014, I felt quite involved with the referendum, and I also had a feeling of sadness at the prospect of Scotland leaving the UK. Now, I can’t say I would be surprised, or annoyed, if Scotland decided to leave. The way things are going in the Uk, I would find it hard to believe the Scottish people would vote to remain part of this mess. As I said before, it will all boil down to Brexit, and how favourable the deal is for Scotland.