The Conservatives have come to an agreement with the DUP promising a £1 Billion Investment into Northern Ireland.

I’m sure the money will be well spent, what I’m not sure of is where exactly this 1 Billion is coming from. Apparently, the infamous “Magic Money Tree” sprouts out the ground to help those in desperate need, or just those trying their best to cling onto power the way Donald Trump clings onto fake money during an intense game of monopoly.

Theresa May and Arlene Foster were all smiles this morning and rightly so. Foster got pretty much what she wanted, and May’s made the most of a bad situation by spending the taxpayer’s money to manufacture the pathetic illusion of stability imaginable.

The 10 DUP seats in the House of Commons, have suddenly become the most valuable real estate in the country. At 100 million a seat, it’s only a matter of time until more MP’s offer up their services in exchange for a few extra quid. In all honesty, I’d happily give up my vote if similar investment was promised to my area, but that’s not beneficial enough for the Tory’s to consider it. What a shame.

It looks like everything in this world has its price, and strong and stable leadership is available but only at a high cost. They could have used that 1 Billion to bribe a large percent of the population into voting Tory, but they’ve had to make the most out the situation. I hope they piss that 1 Billion up the wall, that would be a cruel end to a cruel arrangement.