It’s been confirmed today the source of the Grenfell fire was a Hotpoint Fridge Freezer.

I’m sure Hotpoint will see their profits fall dramatically after this revelation, although I think it’s harsh to blame them for what seems to be an isolated malfunction. Regardless, I think a quite a few people will be rushing to check the model of their fridge freezer, especially if living in one of the many high-rise buildings found to be coated in the real cause of the fire, unsafe cladding.

The Metropolitan Police have also revealed plans to bring manslaughter charges into the investigation and I honestly expected nothing less. Countless times I’ve reiterated the fact the people responsible need feel the consequences, and this is further supported by the barrage of evidence that supports the fact the Grenfell cladding was unsafe for use.

Similar cladding is used on numerous buildings around the country and efforts will begin to remove anything that’s deemed dangerous by their respective councils. The wake-up call provided by the Grenfell Tower disaster has forced councils nationwide to re-evaluate the safety of their high-rise buildings, so at least further death and destruction is being avoided at all costs.

In all honesty, the source of the fire is quite irrelevant. What is relevant is working out exactly why this happened and more importantly, who is responsible. Tracks are being made to uncover the truth, but it will surely be a long and tedious process and a process that will leave a lot of people angry until someone pays for their mistakes. I just hope no rock is left unturned in pursuing the truth.