Theresa May confirmed today that the cladding used on Grenfell Tower was indeed “Combustible”.

Since the day of the disaster, it was apparent the cladding in question was a major factor in the rapid spreading of the fire. Numerous locals highlighted that the recent refurbishment that added the cladding, was primarily done so to improve the appearance of Grenfell. Around 10 million was spent on this refurbishment, and all that’s left to show is 79 dead and the charred embers of Grenfell itself.

This “revelation” of Grenfell’s combustible cladding, raises serious issues nationwide. Grenfell is just one of multiple buildings fitted with similar cladding, so questions need to be raised about the safety of the others. If there’s found to be any danger, they need to be removed ASAP before anything remotely like Grenfell happens again.

I live near several high-rise buildings that use similar cladding, and it’s clear that the purpose is simply aesthetic. Laws need to be passed to ensure safety never plays second fiddle to appearance and despite the massive cost that may be involved, it’s hard to argue it’s not money well spent.

The Grenfell inquiry will begin soon and hopefully shed some light on who’s to blame for this disaster. We need justice in every definition of the word, and I strongly believe those responsible deserve all that’s coming to them.