The long-awaited Queen’s speech took place this morning and we finally got to see what all the fuss was about.

An occasion normally dominated by tradition, this year’s speech featured a collection of toned down aspects including the queen in casual dress and her horse drawn carriage replaced by a slightly less flashy Custom Bentley.  Her crown was escorted to the proceeding in its own car; I’m guessing because one luxury car isn’t enough for the occasion and also why the fuck not.

The government’s plans for the next 2 years were dominated by Brexit, although the more interesting points of the speech relate to admissions from the Tory Manifesto. It appears several controversial laws outlined in their manifesto have curiously gone missing. I’ll just assume this was an oversight and not a massive back-step on unpopular propositions. May did apologise for the failings that led to the Grenfell fire, so at least she showed the guts to take responsibility for the actions of her government.

Discussions in the house of commons started soon after, and what followed was a long-winded tirade from the leader of the opposition who slated Mays inability to strike a deal with the DUP, slated their manifesto admissions, and reiterated the fact Labour is ready to govern on popular party policies. The words “Strong and Stable” and “Coalition of chaos” were again used to further ridicule Mrs. May.

The last few weeks have been a mess, today’s queen’s speech was a mess, and it’s safe to assume the next few weeks will be a mess. If May somehow manages to turn this all around and come out the other side with stability, I will happily tip my hat to her. Though the odds of that aren’t great, and the odds of her remaining in power will surely start to slip as well.