The queen’s speech is due to start at half 11 this morning and I can’t help feeling a sense of quiet anticipation for what’s to come.

The ceremonial formalities associated with the speech have been dropped this time around, and I only hope this remains a trend for all future speeches. I find it hard to take anything serious while the elites sit around a chamber adorned in expensive bright gold fixtures wearing so much jewellery it could help finance a small nation. The horse drawn carriage is to be replaced by a car, and the queen herself will rest a lovely hat upon her head rather than that monstrosity of a crown she’s normally required to wear.

Under recent circumstances, it’s fitting that they’ve decided to understate the ceremonial significance of the speech as I’m sure the normal proceedings cost an extortionate amount of money. With so much going on around the country, I take it as a sign of respect for them not to amplify the ceremonial aspect of it all. I only hope the plans outlined in the speech match the same level of respect.

With the Tory government still struggling to iron out a deal with the DUP, it’s hard to take any of the plans with certainty while May still sits at the head of a minority government. The plans outlined are sure to ruffle more than a few feathers and I can’t help thinking they’re likely to change soon anyway. I’m just going to sit back, watch the proceeding, and try to feel positive about the year ahead. Let’s just see how that works out……