To be a politician today, you must perfect a very specific set of skills.

I dream of the day I can happily listen to the leader of this country during an interview and not have an overwhelming sense of hatred at their robotic attempts to “answer” pressing questions. The fact is, Politicians do everything and anything necessary to avoid answering hard questions.

Theresa May’s recent performance during a BBC Newsnight interview about the Grenfell Tower disaster, was a perfect example of what to expect from prominent politicians. All she did was regurgitate the same information repeatedly while answering nothing directly and ignoring anything asked by the interviewer. I’d be inclined to accept this during an interview on any other matter, but when she’s asked difficult questions about a disaster that’s claimed the lives of at least 79 people, I find it flat out disrespectful when the families, neighbours, and friends of the victims deserve answers.

I honestly find May’s demeanour so overwhelming awkward and repulsive, that I struggle to watch her long-winded interviews without cringing on her behalf. The fact she sits so prominently in the public limelight is a mockery to a large percentage of this country who believe she’s doing everything she can to cling onto power. Regardless of political preference, it’s hard to argue that she’s the best person for the job of PM, and I only hope she does the honourable thing and resigns her position.

Even if my wish is granted, it’s more than likely someone else will step in her place and provide the same level of robotics. This is simply the reality of modern politics and is also the reason why politicians such as Donald Trump gain so much support. People are sick of these career-long politicians, and I only hope the tide turns towards a new era of politics that supports honest, compassionate and relatable leaders.

There’s very little that can be done to prevent these robotic tactics, but I do believe the fact they are so frequently exposed for it is the first step toward changing things for the better. I have no doubt they utilize this tactic to avoid being called out on their answers in the future, but that’s exactly what needs to happen sometimes. We need relatable leaders who appear human to the public, not ones that look like they spend their entire careers reading from a script. Until this changes, politics will follow the same outdated trends that have continued for generations.