The attack at Finsbury Park this morning proves one thing; terrorism has no religion.

The idea that terrorism is something carried out solely under the flag of Islam, is unfortunately a widespread belief throughout this country. The ignorance that fuels this belief is ironically the same ignorance that convinced the assailant to carry out this attack. Make no mistake, this is no different from the 3 other attacks that occurred earlier this year, and thus should be treated exactly the same way.

After the Grenfell Tower disaster, I was under the impression this country had the last of its bad luck. Then I realised something, luck has no part to play in recent events. Last week I highlighted that the reaction to these horrific events will prove to be the most important factor in changing this country for the better. We now live in extremely tense times, times fuelled by anger and hate, nothing else.

People fail to understand that hate fuels hate, and the very people who believe an iron fist is the best tactic in targeting terrorism, also fail to see the truth that they are just as radical as those they hate the most. These acts must be stamped out of our society, but generalizing a whole race of people under the actions of a tiny minority is quite frankly moronic.

It’s been reported that the attacker was shouting “I want to kill Muslims” after getting out his van. If that isn’t terrorism, then I don’t know what is. Regardless of what people think, this man was radicalised. People find it hard to apply that term to anyone other than a Muslim, yet don’t see the vast similarities to what happened at Westminster, Manchester and London Bridge.

It’s also been reported that a group of local muslins protected the attacker from an angry mob while they waited for the police to apprehend him. This for me shows the true nature of the Muslim community, and it would be hard to picture a similar level of mercy if it was a Muslim attacker apprehended by a group of white men.

When will it all end? Unfortunately, I don’t see anything changing in the near future, and what happened this morning will only fuel further attacks. This country is a mess, a mess that needs tidying up before something even more terrible happens.