At least 30 confirmed dead now as the investigation into Grenfell Tower continues.

That number is likely to rise dramatically, and we are now looking at the worst disaster since Hillsborough in 1989. Yesterday I highlighted the need for answers in the coming weeks, and I’m sure that public pressure with continue to rise until an adequate explanation is provided for these horrific events. Whatever that explanation is, I have no doubt someone is to blame.

I’m curious as to what should be done if individuals are found to be directly responsible for the deaths of this many people. Despite the fact no intentions were there, it’s not enough to simply slap a few people on the wrist and guarantee it will never happen again. I’m a firm believer that if anyone’s found to have a conflict of interest in the decision not improve the safety of Grenfell, they should be dealt with relative to the impact of their decision.

I’m not going to start pointing fingers, not until all the evidence has been analysed, but there have been very disturbing reports about some of the possible causes. Bottom line is this was an avoidable disaster, and if it was avoidable, someone has made a gigantic oversight.

The problem is how do you prosecute someone for making a lawful decision. The answer, you can’t. I understand the law is there for a reason, but you must be responsible for your actions, whatever the nature. As much as it pains me to say it, there will likely be no prosecutions at all in the Grenfell investigations. This is anything but Justice.