It’s apparent the tragic events that unfolded early yesterday morning at Grenfell Tower have a seriously sinister undertone.

A public inquiry will begin soon to investigate exactly how this managed to happen, and I can only hope no rock is left unturned in pursuing the truth of this national disaster. It’s always difficult to assign blame with these sort of incidents, but serious questions need to be asked to uncover exactly what caused the deaths of potentially hundreds of innocent people.

It’s clear the cause of the disaster goes way beyond a simple case of uncontrolled fire. My first question when finding out about the inferno was how does a fire manage to spread so easily in a high-rise building in the centre of the capital. These fires should be contained for at least long enough to evacuate the building. Even if that was the case, there was still no hope for many of the victims when the alarms failed to sound, the sprinklers failed to go off and there was no adequate escape route out the building.

One of the points I raised yesterday was that this would NEVER have happened in a luxury set of apartments. The fact this happened in a poor building is far from a coincidence, and it says to me that safety concerns are much more of a priority in expensive accommodation. Bottom line is, if the building is not safe, no one should be living in it, regardless of wealth or class. This is all made even more worrying knowing that prior concerns had been raised about the safety of the building.

It should also be highlighted that 312 Tory MP’s voted against forcing rented homes to be made fit for human habitation. No single Labour, Libdem or SNP MP voted the same way. If this doesn’t represent the true nature of the Tory party, then I’m truly lost for words. The irony in Theresa May praising the emergency services for their heroic actions while cutting their budget and denying them crucial investment, is possibly the most outrageous thing a PM could do.

I don’t like pushing tragedy’s like this back to politics, but I have no option when facts like this exist. If May hadn’t already given people reasons to hate her, then her actions this morning should push people over the edge. She visited the scene, spoke to the emergency service and called for a public inquiry, yet refused to speak to any of the residents. Jeremey Corbyn, on the other hand, was seen embracing the locals and listening to the troubles of many people affected by the fire. I guess you can draw your own conclusions from that.

This tragic event only amplifies some of the major topics raised during last week’s election. People were killed, and the reasons can be directly attributed to their wealth and quality of accommodation they could afford. I have no doubt in my mind that more buildings will be at similar risk, so the only satisfactory thing to do is take drastic measures to ensure this type of thing never happens again and make sure everyone accountable for this incident gets exactly whats coming to them.