As political turmoil engulfs Britain, I spend my waking moments trying to draw something positive out the doom and gloom.

If there’s one positive to draw from recent events, it’s the abundance of ammunition I have to supply a site named “The Daily Rant”. I wouldn’t go as far to say I was enjoying the state of affairs in this country, however, I would go as far to say the whole ordeal has engaged me in a way only a good old farce could.

The recent political landscape, including last year’s events over in the US, has spawned a new age of political narrative that’s proved encapsulating for those previously disengaged from the discussion. The information age has amplified the drama aspect of politics, so it’s now easier than ever to engage with today’s political figures. This character-driven drama we call modern politics, adds a whole new level of entertainment to the discussion.

This side of the pond, we have a woman who acts like the second coming of Margaret Thatcher if she returned without a shred of charisma. In the US, we have a president so slapstick he looks like he’s been plucked from a parody rendition of the U.S.A where it’s all simply part of a reality TV show. To be honest, I’m not sure which is worse. An awkward and uninspiring woman or a man who has utilized his country’s love for reality TV and used it to skyrocket to the top of the social ladder.

The thing is, at least Trump inspires a level of devotion and admiration from his die-hard supporters. In the Case of Theresa May, it looks as though she’s devoid of any the attributes you would associate with a normal human being. Say what you like about Trump, but he is a unique character, and a character who has engaged people better than any other Politician in recent history, regardless of their political preference.

We’re no longer spoon fed media-manufactured images of politicians. We are now able to see the raw and unfiltered versions of these figures and highlight their failures and shortcomings, all thanks to the wonders of the internet. Politics is no longer tedious news; it has become a real-life drama that rivals any popular television show.

In the end, this is all a good thing. Young people are more engaged than ever with politics, and the recent election result in the UK highlights just how much influence they can have over the future of a country. Even if people see it all as a joke, at least that gives them the incentive to try and make a change. This new age of politics is destined to continue unless something drastic changes so for now, sit back, try to relax, and watch the whole thing unfold.