There’s only one conclusion to draw from this mornings election result. That is the current Tory government is anything but Strong and Stable.

It appears Theresa May’s gamble has backfired massively. Many people believe this election to be the greatest political upset in modern British history and there’s plenty substance to that belief. At the same time, I can’t say I’m surprised by the result.

I half expected a Tory landslide. I also half expected a result that would leave the country in a state of uncertainty for times ahead. It’s accurate to assume another election in the near future and when that happens, I have no idea what to expect.

It looks like the Tory’s will scrap together an interesting alliance with the DUP. May’s announcement of this was headlined by her claim of “certainty” for the future. Excuse me if I don’t take her “promises” very seriously. I’ve been given plenty of reasons to doubt the legitimacy of her words and to be honest, I fail to take anything she says with “Certainty”.

Let’s not forget the background of the DUP. There is an underlining sense of hypocrisy for a party who based a lot of their campaign around the accusation the opposition leader has ties to terrorists, now forming an alliance with a party such as the DUP. To me, this only highlights the biased criticism of Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour, on the other hand, has come out of this in a very favourable position. Their campaign started as massive outsiders and the success of Corbyn’s leadership is a great sign for the future. Despite the fact they will likely have to concede power to the Tories for the foreseeable future, the massive difference between their position at the beginning of the campaign and at the end will leave a lot of people optimistic.

We will need to shelf the idea of a second election for now and focus on Brexit. Negotiations start in just 10 days and it’s difficult to see May in a favourable position to get the best deal. I don’t know about you, but I would feel on the front foot having to negotiate with a woman who has recently dented the esteem of her own political party.

The next few days will be interesting, to say the least. The only certainty for the weeks ahead is the promise of an uncertain future for Britain. May’s words will likely come back and bite her in the arse soon enough. When that happens, I will be the first person to throw around the words… “I told you so”.