The day of reckoning is finally upon us.

Ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but you can understand my choice of words based on the very opinionated views of both left and right wing supporters.

Look at the front page of Today’s sun. If you don’t think they’ve slightly over-blown the effects of a labour victory, then you’re seriously deluded. To be honest, labour voters aren’t much better. Speak to your average Labour supporter and they’d probably try and convince you that Tory victory will lead to a dark age in British history. Whatever you believe, I don’t think this scaremongering is constructive.

I understand people get very passionate about their political views, I just don’t agree with it boiling over in hatred and contempt for the opposition side. Views and beliefs can be vastly different, but in the end, people need to realise you can never win everyone over and there will always be conflicting opinions.

It’s very easy to call someone close minded, what’s not so easy is accepting the fact you are as well. This time around there seems to be a much larger divide between voters. The average Tory voter would think you idiotic to vote labour, and the same can be said for the other side. I’m sure this boils down to several different factors, most notably a deep lying passion, or hatred, for Jeremy Corbyn.

For me, Corbyn is the reason this election is vastly different from others in recent history. You either love him or hate him, that much is clear, so the attitude towards the man is a defining factor in political choice. He has his positives and negatives, just like May, but I think his are particularly amplified, not least by the media.

Regardless of your opinions on him, Corbyn seems to inspire his supporters in a way that Ed Miliband, Gordon Brown or Tony Blair could only dream of. Even if you’re a Tory voter, it’s hard to argue that Theresa May fuels the same level of devotion amongst her supporters. He’s by no means the most charismatic leader, but he has substantially more substance to him than Mrs. May.

The attitude towards Corbyn, along with a number of vastly different approaches to policy, means this country is more divided now than ever before. It’s hard to predict tomorrow’s outcome although it’s reasonable to expect a Conservatives landslide. I for one will be following the result very closely and will prepare myself for a nice long rant tomorrow, whatever the outcome.