Just one day to go until I make the walk up the street to my local polling station.

I’ve always been quite detached from politics. I’ve only been eligible to vote since 2012 and I decided against utilizing this in the last election. The reason, I had no one to vote for. I fail to believe a vote for the lesser of two evils is better than not voting at all, so I thought it best to abstain from making the short journey up the street.

So, what’s the difference this time? People seem to believe this election is about Brexit. That’s true for the half the population who voted to leave the European Union but Like Theresa May, I voted to remain. I happily accept the result and was behind the decision either way, so I want the best deal from whoever gets voted in. Nevertheless, Brexit was not the main factor persuading me to vote.

For once I feel engaged with the discussion, and for once I feel a leader has appeared who genuinely has the best intentions of the country in mind. I’m behind this person because they come across as a genuine human being who shows a shred of compassion for the people of this country.

I haven’t highlighted who exactly I’m planning to vote for although I will do later, what I want to do is ask you a question. Based on my previous statement, who do you believe I will vote for. I think you already have an idea of who that is and if you look at my actual reasons for supporting them you can hopefully understand why. The other candidate isn’t necessarily lacking in these traits, but the mention of them clearly swings you to one rather than the other. That’s the point I would like to make.

When the mention of being a compassionate and genuine human swings you towards one candidate rather than the other, then you need to evaluate why exactly that is. More often than not, it’s because there’s truth to it. Unless this person has managed to perfect a massive charade spanning centuries, then it’s apparent these are genuine personality traits.

Regardless of policies, beliefs or even political history, surely one of the best attributes of a leader is having the personality traits we relate to honest and decent human beings. This person has been on the right side of history on many occasions and has frequently proven to do the one thing MP’s should prioritize above all else, represent the people.

Again, I haven’t mentioned who I’m voting for and have given no real indication of political preference. Yet, all the positive points I’ve given are so strongly related to one of the candidates you would be a fool to think they were the traits of the other.

So, you know what? I think I’ll let you decide who I’m voting for, and hopefully, that makes you think a bit harder about tomorrow’s decision.