It’s quite hilarious to see the overwhelming bias by mainstream newspapers such as the daily mail or daily express.

I’ll not quote any of the comical headlines they’ve decided to print this morning as I’m sure you’ve already seen them, what I will do is take a second to highlight the difference between right wing and left wing bias.

I’m not naïve to the fact these tactics are used on both sides of the political spectrum. It’s a historic fact that news outlets have very strong political ties and I’m not questioning that this happens on both sides of the coin. The bias trickles down from the top, and it’s understandable for newspapers to only hire journalists who conform to their cemented political views. The difference for me is how far each side is willing to go.

The obvious smear tactics used to hinder Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign, are a significant step further than any left-wing paper would dare to tread. So, what exactly is the motive to go as far as they have? For me, it’s what they have to lose.

It’s no secret that many of these media platforms are owned by a select group of billionaires who, coincidentally, have the most to lose from Labour victory. It doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots, but there are still people out there who seem to miss the tell-tale signs.

The right-wing papers have fallen very low in terms of what they are willing to do to ensure Tory victory. A tactic they love to use is accusing Corbyn of being a “Terrorist Sympathiser”. What’s the easiest way to say this – If you seriously believe he sympathises with the likes of people who carried out the recent attacks in London or Manchester, then you are quite simply brainwashed to the core.

At times, they have gone back as far as the 1970’s to try and uncover dirt on the opposition leader. If that’s not clutching at straws, I don’t know what is. Until I hear a left-wing newspaper claim something along the lines of “Theresa may once spoke to a suspected terrorist when she was teenager”, I’ll keep believing the bias is unbalanced.

The whole ordeal is as hilarious as it is worrying. The worrying part for me is that people will read the words and not dare to question the nature or legitimacy of what’s printed. We have the ability to investigate further and draw our own conclusions on what’s real. We no longer have to accept the mainstream media platforms as the only source of news. I make an effort to read news and opinions from both sides of the spectrum, I only hope enough people can say the same.